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If you haven't already, complete your training and get active as soon as possible. It's really a simple plan where everyone just does a little and we all win!

It's so easy. Just shop, share and support! Earn your 5 points each month and enjoy all the rewards! Remember your sponsor and support line are there to help you succeed!

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Getting off to a fast start can increase your results by up to 1,000% or more! Make sure everyone gets active in their first 5 days!

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Just accomplish your simple monthly goals (earn 5 points each month by a combination of shopping and sharing) and watch your business and income grow! If you lead by example, people in your group will follow your lead.


Be a good friend! The key to your success is making sure those you shared with are successful. With our simple plan, everyone wins if we support each other!

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We're all in this together! We're here to help you every step of the way!